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VESTA is a timeline based annotation platform of multimedia content. It offers an integrated set of innovative computer tools for analyzing and annotating audio and video recordings. These tools allows to significantly accelerate, and in some cases, automate the analysis and annotation of your recordings. See below for more information on these tools.

As a web-based collaborative platform, your analysis and annotations can be shared among other researchers, thus increasing cooperation and opening the door to larger-scale multi-partner studies. VESTA results in considerable gains in productivity by significantly reducing analysis time while improving consistency.

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Web Services

Five web services for automatic annotations based on CRIM's advanced analytic algorithms are available in VESTA. The first three aims the audio content of a multimedia file and the two others targets the video content. Being web services, they can be used independently of VESTA by calling their API. If you are interested, please contact us.

Speaker segmentation

Partition an audio frame into segments according to the identity of the person speaking. This service provides facilities to determine at which times each person is speaking and the gender of each speaker.


Transcribe the speech of an audio frame. A domain specific vocabulary can be provided to improve the results.

Text-audio matching

Provide correspondence between a given text and an audio frame. This service returns the begin and end positions of each segment found in the two mediums.

Video shot transition detection

Find the temporal positions of the visual transitions between the shots present in a video.

Face pose analysis

Identifies the face poses in a video and their orientation (pose in front view, profile or other).


VESTA was originally developed by CRIM for the LEADS research group (Learning Environments Across Disciplines), an international research partnership in education sciences. Although the VESTA platform meets the needs of the science education research community, it is applicable to many types of research requiring audio and video analysis.

  • 2012

    Beginning of the relationship between CRIM and LEADS: an employee of CRIM is on the advisory committee of LEADS.

  • 2013

    First project between CRIM and LEADS which assessed CRIM's technologies with LEADS data. This project laid the foundation for the definition of VESTA's requirements.

  • 2014

    CRIM receives funding from CANARIE's Research Software Program to develop the VESTA platform from LEADS requirements.

  • 2015

    A beta version of VESTA is available to LEADS.

  • 2016

    A demo version of VESTA is available to all.

  • 2017+

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