Vesta REST API package documentation

This package offers helper modules for exposing services working in a distributed Service architecture through a REST interface. The work being executed by these services might be an annotation process or a form of conversion process taking a significant amount of time thereby benefiting from a distributed processing system with a REST interface.

Messages are communicated through a Celery distributed processing queue system.

This package offers basic functionality yet is meant to be wrapped by a higher level package which will offer a full application package.

Known examples of applications which use this package are:

  • Vesta Load Balancer (alias Service Gateway or SG)
  • Multimedia Storage System

Installation of this package can be done as follows:

pip install VestaRestPackage

Source code documentation:

This section documents the actual code modules for anyone interested in interfacing with the code base. For example if someone would like to create a new type of service gateway this information might be helpful.

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